Jane S.

Love, Love, Love working out with Judi! Judi provides an amazing workout and has a special way of making everyone feel welcome and at ease. The variety that Judi offers within each of her classes keeps things interesting, exciting, refreshing and fun! Judi’s beautiful energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and extensive knowledge helps you achieve your personal best and work towards your goals. Judi is respectful of any limitations that anyone may have and provides tons of options so everyone can participate at their level and safely challenge themself. Love the great workout, variety, laughter, Judi’s great taste in music and her sense of humor! It is FUN working out again!!  Jane S.

Heather H.

I have been attending Judi’s Step, Easy Variations and Tabata class at OWF for 4 years. I have also participated in one of her Tabata Bootcamps privately. Judi gives the best instruction/direction of any fitness instructor I’ve had. She offers modifications and options in every class and talks you through the entire class. Judi is energetic and welcoming. She encourages feedback and ideas from members. Her classes are always well attended. Judi is motivating and fun and will help/correct people’s form in an non-intimidating manner as she wants the best for her participants. I love attending Judi’s classes. Heather H

Sean S.

I love going to Judi’s step aerobics because it’s so much fun! I find her choreography very enjoyable and her music is super. But she’s also very good at cuing the moves and that makes her easy to follow. Sean S.

Leslie W.

Judi is an extraordinary instructor. She is caring, getting to know the people she teaches. She shares her knowledge during workouts by modifying or challenging participants depending on injuries and abilities, always with a focus on form and technique.Her music and creative choreography make the workout fun. I have never left her class without a smile! Lesley W.

Jill - A Raving Fan!

“I signed up for the 8 week boot camp back in January 2015. After 5 years of struggling with an auto-immune disorder I needed to get myself healthy again. After just the first few weeks I noticed a huge difference in my energy and my stamina. I was no longer experiencing fatigue during the day. As an added bonus I began to lose inches and pounds as well”. “I found the classes to be challenging but they are also adaptable to everyone’s fitness level. I started out very much as a beginner but I didn’t feel left behind or self-conscious. We all work at our own pace and everyone encourages each other along the way”. “I also began to enjoy exercising again. Judi made it fun and I loved the atmosphere with all the other bootcampers. It became something that I looked forward to 3 times a week. I continued to attend the classes for the remainder of the spring and I am looking forward to them starting up again in the fall.”

Doreen H.

She is the best instructor I have had since I joined the gym when it opened. She always watches how the class is doing and adjusts so that all can get their best workout. Doreen H.


In 2009, I was in a car accident that resulted in my having 11 broken bones or fractures. After a year of physio, It was suggested that I take Judi’s Easy Variations class. I credit this class with maintaining and improving my physical and mental health. I feel I am in great shape for a 75 year old. Judi plays a lot of 80’s music which appeals to me and helps to keep me moving. She also challenges mental ability by creating a variety of activities. I am always impressed by how she keeps track of everyone and notices if anyone is having difficulty or is not using correct technique. I keep coming back to the class because Judi makes it fun. Mavis