Class Descriptions


This class is aimed at the baby boomers who are wanting to keep moving! The format can vary. Sometimes the cardio portion is choreographed, other times we work with drills or intervals. Class will always include working with weights, a balance segment, appropriate core exercises and finish with a full body stretch usually on the floor. 1 hour class.


Similar to the class above only modified with easier movements to facilitate those less active or for those who have mobility restrictions.



This is a specialty class for those with Osteoporosis. The focus is on weight bearing exercises and balance. Usually done in a small group environment so that each participant is given appropriate modifications and adaptations. 1 hour class.


For this class, most of the work is done seated. We do stand and walk a little for those who are able. The aim of this class is to keep joints moving. We practice getting in and out of chairs. Building strength in the legs. We also work with light weights or resistance bands for the upper body. A small group based class in order to be able to offer personal modifications. If it hurts, you don’t do it! 45 min class.


Fusion is a mat based class incorporating aspects of Yoga, Pilates and Strength fitness. We start with standing positions. Come down to kneeling or seated and then floor work. Class ends with a relaxation. Different fitness accessories are used throughout the weeks. It can be done barefoot or with runners. Again lots of levels are offered from beginner to experienced. Please bring your own yoga mat. 1 hour class.


This is a 6 week program, with 3 classes per week. You register for the whole program. The workouts are short and quick – 35 minutes! Tabata is an interval based workout. Working at 40/30/20 seconds with half the time to recover between rounds. Each class will have lower body, upper body and core intervals as well as a MAX Tabata where there are 8 rounds of 20 seconds with 10 seconds recovery between rounds. We work with body weight, figure 8 tubing, gliding discs and Bender balls. You work at your pace, so this is a perfect workout for all abilities. In and out! That’s what it’s all about! 35 minute class.



This is a 6 week program, with 3 classes per week. You register for the whole program. This is a longer version of Tabata Bootcamp. We complete 40/30/20 seconds of lower body, upper body and core. Then add the MAX interval ( 8 rounds of 20/10). Then repeat all the previous exercises for 30/20/10 WITHOUT any recovery time! Again using all the accessories as in the Bootcamp. 50 minute class.


Barre Above blends the latest exercise science, delivering a fusion of ballet, pilates, yoga and strength training in each workout.The aim is to lengthen and strengthen. We start with a dynamic warm up to create heat in the body. Then move into a leg series, followed by an arm series and finishing with core. We could use bands, weights, gliding disks and Bender balls.

Workouts are designed for a wide range of fitness levels, ages and bodies. Complete with progressions so that those new to fitness will feel successful and those seasoned Barre enthusiasts will feel challenged. May be done bare foot or with running shoes. Please bring a yoga mat. 1 hour class.


This class is a total body workout incorporating cardio drills and weights.


This class can be timed intervals, circuit or drills.